C ommunity Relations




A.  Enviromental Assessment Registration


•    Application Filed on May 11, 2016 (Click to Open)




B.  Information for Communities


•    Community Consultation - 23-Feburary-2016 (Click to Open)


•    Update on Proposed Expansion - Given to Community Leaders on June 29, 2015 (Click to Open)


•    Presentation on Proposed Expansion (Given to Community Leaders on 26-FEB-2015) (Click to Open)




C.  Media Releases


•    22 -Sep-2015 (Hunting and ATV Operations) (Click to Open)


•    11-Aug-2015 (ATV Safety) (Click to Open)


•    18-Feb-2015 (Proposed Quarry Expansion) (Click to Open)




D.  Community Involvement


•    MADD Message Yearbook - Appreciation (Click to Open)


•    Piccadilly Central High Grad Committee Donation (Click to Open)


•    Corner Brook Winter Carnival (Click to Open)


•    Ronald McDonald House (Click to Open)


•    Western Memorial Regional Hospital Foundation (Click to Open)


•    Tour du Port Au Port (Click to Open)


•    Lynx Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps (Click to Open)


•    Legion Certificate of Appreciation (Click to Open)


Updated July 8, 2015